Drink 2 Beers Before Somebody Drinks 2 Shots Is One Bet You’ll Never Lose

Here is an interesting bet you can challenge your friends to this weekend. The bet is: ‘drink two beers before someone else drinks two shots’. It sounds nearly impossible when you think about it, but thanks to WikiHow… well actually Poolhall Junkies… this is a bet you’ll never lose. Here’s how it’s done….

Find a friend or some random dude to bet against (preferably a friend)


Tell your friend that you can drink two beers before they can finish two shots (you’ll get laughed at). Here’s the catch, neither you or your friend can touch each others glasses. Your friend must also wait until you have finished your first beer before they take the first shot.


Make your bet…. Hell, make it $100, you can’t lose remember


Get your drinks


Finish your first drink as fast as possible. Your friend will then proceed to drink the shot…. Next is where the magic happens


Flip your beer glass over onto your friends second shot….


Savor your second beer as you collect your $100


See for yourself

Cool trick huh?! Now go forth and challenge your drinking buddies! Let us know if you’ve tried this and don’t forget to share this on Facebook! (via wikihow)

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