Artist Creates Cool Driftwood Sculptures Inspired By Breaking Ocean Waves

Inspired by his love of surfing, a Portugal-based artist who goes by Johny Surf Art created unique sculptures made of wood and plaster.

Each driftwood sculpture he creates resembles an ocean wave and is made of gypsum, the main ingredient found in plaster.

To create these, he gathers wood from a beach to frame the waves. Once he’s framed the wave out of wood and gypsum, he paints the plaster in colors inspired by the sea.

“Even after repeating the same process of mixing colors dozens of times, they always turn out different, just like the shape, just like the emotion behind each piece,” he writes on Instagram.

“There is always the intrigue about an outcome: ‘What will be born this time from under my hands while I follow the exact same steps?!’”

His message in all of this? Do what you love.  “When I hold a wave,” he says, “it reminds me that we can only be happy by doing what we love and that’s the only way.”

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