Draw This Again Meme Challenge Proves That Practice Makes Perfect

Draw This Again Meme on Deviant Art is challenging these artists to redo some of their earliest pieces highlighting the transformation of their skillset. The results are eye-opening.

One of the hardest things to do in life is master a chosen craft. Oftentimes, individuals nurture their skills for months or years until they finally reach the pinnacle and reap the rewards.

Take artwork for example. Many artists are naturally talented but arduous hours of practice are still required for some.

With time and endless hours of practice, these artists have managed to completely hone their craft from amateur images of birds, animals, and portraits to expert level creating realistic images. Check out their sharpened skill set below.

Age 13 | Age 23

Artist: Miles___

2016 | 2017

Artist: Capucine de Chocqueuse

2011 – 2017

Artist: Basseless

January 2016 | December 2016

Artist: ItsmeHoswa

12 years old | 21 years old

Artist: Laura Brouwers

2005 | 2017

Artist: Jade Mere

2008 | 2012

Artist: SaraLynArt

2015 | 2017

Artist: Notifyneelix

2013 | 2017

Artist: Hannie001

2014 | 2015

Artist: Zarydoesart

November 2012 | February 2017

Artist: Sara Tepes

2008 | 2012

Artist: popCHar

2012 | 2016

Artist: Majesteux

2013 | 2015

Artist: Names76

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