These Rare Orchids Look Exactly Like Tiny Monkey Faces When They Bloom

What’s cuter than orchids that look like monkeys? Pretty much nothing.

Dracula simia, which translates to “little dragon monkey,” lives in tropical highland forests and smells like ripe oranges.

This flower doesn’t get the attention it deserves but the cute orchid that’s native to tropical islands in the southeastern region of Ecuador and Peru is as unique as a flower can get.

The monkey orchid blooms throughout the season and the resemblance to a monkey are uncanny. So if you can’t own a monkey of your own at least you can enjoy them in the lush regions of Ecuador.

Where they grow is rare but they can be found 1,000 – 2,000 meters on the mountainsides.

Photo credit: Columbus GV Team

Photo credit: Columbus GV Team

Photo credit: Steve Beckendorf

photo credit: Wikia

Photo via Columbus GV Team

Photo credit: Quimbaya

photo credit: JaromirAzarov

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