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These Cool Snowflake Sugar Doilies Dissolve Into Your Cup Of Coffee As You Sip

Spruce up your coffee ritual this morning with edible, handmade sugar doilies.

SugarVeil, by BIZEdessertstudio, is a new coffee and dessert novelty. These flexible, edible doilies comes in a variety of sizes and colors that melt on your tongue.

Each SugarVeil lace can be placed upon buttercream, chocolate ganache, and even rolled over fondant. It stays afloat your coffee and melts within two minutes. The doilies last about 3-4 weeks and come in sets of 8 for $14.40 ($1.80 each), or 36 for $64.

It’s the perfect topping for any sweet treat — or beverage — you desire. It’s perfect for the holidays and weddings.







If you’re interested in picking up a few this holiday season you can do so here! Be sure to give this post a thumbs up and a share with your friends on Facebook before you go.

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