This Awesome DIY Project Turns Your Boring Lamp Into A Team Of Superheroes

The best thing about this spray painted Marvel superhero lamp is that you can do it yourself and it only costs about $15.00 total. It will make the perfect one of a kind action figure lamp that’s easy and cheap to create.

A little spray paint, a lamp, and a few action figures you have laying around your house can be used for it. It’s such an easy and fun idea that’ll make a great gift for any superhero enthusiast.

Step 1: What you’ll need


Action figures (more info below); spray paint –  white and then gold for better coverage; x-acto knife for cleanup and trimming; fine grit sandpaper E6000 glue (recommended); super glue of choice painter’s tape; lamp.


Step 2: Mask and sand the lamp


Step 3: Assemble and glue your action figures


Step 4: Remove the tape and check for any issues


Step 5: Tape off the cord


Step 6: Painting


Screenshot (61)

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