Want To Know If Someone Died In Your House? This Website Will Let You Know

This is probably going to spoil many happy homes — or — it could help solve many mysteries. Perhaps you’ve been hearing unexplained noises in your house at night and think to yourself, “Eh, it’s nothing. I know my house isn’t haunted.”

Truth is, a murder could have taken place in your current residence prior to you moving in, but sellers aren’t obligated to tell you since it’s not considered a “Material Fact.”

Photo: Kostas Tsironis/Bloomberg

Don’t worry, because there’s an app for that! As crazy as it sounds, Died In House is a place where renters and owners can check to see if a death occurred on their property – no matter how it happened. They’ll even tell you if your home was used as a meth lab. Crazy, right? The prices isn’t outrageous either.

So, the next time you’re home shopping, you might want to give this little app a try. Who knows – you might get a hefty chunk off of the asking price and it only costs about $12.

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