25 Funny Desktop Backgrounds That Are Absolutely Genius

These genius funny desktop backgrounds will keep your co-workers thoroughly enthused each time they walk by your desk. I mean, if you’re stuck in an office for 8 or 9 hours a day, why not make the most of it?

Some us stare into these screens for hours on end making the corporate world go ’round forgetting that our desktop backgrounds can be totally fun. From the mutual hate for Internet Explorer to animal wallpapers to the Matrix. There’s something in it for everyone.

Do you like cats? There’s one for that too. Are you OCD and extremely tidy? There’s also a background for that too. Maybe you’re still into the Walking Dead for some odd reason. Well, there’s a background for that too.

To see all of the creative ways you can spruce up your desktop wallpapers and liven things up at work, keep scrolling.

1. How To Organize Your Desktop Like A Boss


2. Explorer Is Terrifying


3. This Is My Co-Workers Desktop. Amazing


4. My Desktop Set Up At Work


5. Chrome Vs Firefox

6. This Is The View From My First Year University Bedroom


7. I Want To Play A Game


8. Magnificent Idea


9. My Wallpaper Because Of You All…

10. The Best Wallpaper For A 4 Monitor Setup

11. Oh You!

12. Coworkers Adding Heads To Animals On Desktop Background


13. LOL!

14. Calvin and Hobbes


15. I Couldn’t Think Of What To Make My Wallpaper, So I Did This


16. So I Created A New Desktop Background For My Dual Monitors At Work…


17. Funny Internet Explorer Desktop Picture

18. Now This Is A Walking Dead Wallpaper


19. A Corporate Executive Hands Me His Sons Laptop And Asks Me To Do Some Maintenance. I Was Greeted With This Desktop


20. My Boss Is A 60+ Year Old Man And This Is His Desktop


21. I Secretly Added A Minor Detail To My Colleague’s Desktop Picture. Me


22. My Co-Workers Desktop Background

23. I Couldn’t Possibly Be More Proud Of My Son’s Desktop Background


24. My Friend’s New Desktop Background/setup…. Meep!


25. I’d Like To Share My Favorite Wallpaper


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