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These Creepy Demonic Soaps Will Cleanse You Of All That Is Good

Here is something freaky that will keep your fresh, literally. These supernatural soaps were created by Canadian artist Eden Gorgós.

His ‘Art of Dying’ soaps features macabre ghosts, ghouls, and human skulls. You’ll also find handcrafted lotions and candles as well as vintage Vanitas bar soaps in his Memento Mori collection.

“My soaps are made with coconut oil, colored with natural clay/herb/flower, and formulated to moisturize without sacrificing lather.

All but the white soaps are scented with a combination of essential oils. Solid lotions and unisex cologne are made with shea butter, beeswax, and calendula, arnica flower, and chamomile infused almond oil and scented with a blend of essential oils.”

They come in small, handcrafted batches, so head over to his shop quickly to purchase your very own.










If you’re interested in picking a few of these soaps up for yourself, you can check out his store here.

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