Oddly Cute Sea Creatures Sculpted From Polymer Clay

Here are some of creepiest, yet incredibly cute sea creatures you’ve ever seen.

Katushka Art Dolls is a company based in Poland who handcrafts these hyper-realistic sharks, fish, and seahorses.

All are sculpted out of polymer clay and each artistic doll is handmade using the highest quality of materials.

It starts off with drawing and sculpting before a silicone mold is added to multiple castings. Lastly, the artist paints the fish paying close attention to detail to give it a realistic effect.

1. Baby-shark
2. Babetta

3. Kryspin

4. Emre The Albino

5. Goldfish

6. Dory

7. Galaxy Seahorse

8. Ginter

9. Red Bored Seahorse

10. Kryspin

11. Goldfish

12. Bored Seahorse

13. Kryspin And Ginter

14. Baby-shark

15. Katyushkafish

16. Bored Seahorse

17. Bored Seahorses

You can purchase these fantasy sea creatures over on Art Toy Gama.

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