Couple Turns Their Boring IKEA Lamp Into A Cool Exploding Death Star

So you’ve probably seen this lamp at IKEA before. The PS 2014 lamp which looks just like the Death Star from Star Wars.

If that was your first thought when seeing it, you’re not alone. One couple, who are ultimate Star Wars fans, decided to turn this thing into an exploding Death Star that floats over their bed.

Here’s an easy to follow step by step process of how to create you very own Death Star lamp.

First step, of course, is to buy an IKEA PS 2014 lamp and a can of spray paint
Use masking tape for painting walls to cover the areas that should stay lighter
A stencil of the round weapon was created on a piece of paper first and traced that onto the lamp with a pencil

Once you’re satisfied with the look of your pattern, you can paint a darker shade of paint over the whole ball

Paint the ball completely or work in segments – it all depends on your taste

The round weapon was painted by hand with a fine brush
Hang it on your ceiling as instructed – you will need a hook for that – and enjoy your Death Star lamp – it’s awesome!

You can check out the entire list of steps over at Lylelo’s website here. Be sure to give this post a thumbs up and a share with your friends on Facebook before you go.

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