Mad Scientist Drinks Cyanide On Camera For Educational Purposes

CodyDon Reeder is an expert in chemistry and loves to share this subject with the world in often surprising ways. In his latest YouTube stunt, Reeder drinks cyanide live on camera.

We all know that ingesting sodium cyanide has grave consequences, however, Reeder’s goal is to illustrate that chemicals actually function as dosages.

That’s not to say cyanide is not deadly, rather, there’s a minimum amount one would need to consume before it would become fatal.

You probably shouldn’t try this at home.


To reach fatal levels of cyanide poisoning, one would need to consume a capsule full of it rather than a sprinkle that’s been diluted in the glass of water like Reeder has done.

You might recall that World War II, the Nazis used  Zyklon B gas (crystalline hydrogen cyanide) as the killing agent in concentration camps.

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