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This Company Will Turn Your Pet Into A Custom Pokemon Card

If you’re like me you probably have some Pokemon cards lying around your house.

With the new Pokemon fad being Pokemon Go, the old Pokemon cards are probably collecting dust somewhere. Etsy seller StepbyStepStudio will now create your very own custom Pokemon cards featuring your favorite pet!

Each custom Pokemon card comes with HP, a cartoon image, their “type”, and even unique attacks that you choose.

How it works

They’ll make the card in 2-5 days and send you the digital files, so you can check and see if you like the results.

If there’s anything to change, they’ll also do all the revisions for free until it’s perfect. The cards come from Italy, and look just like real Pokemon cards!

Even oversized cards that will fit in a frame

Each normal sized Pokemon card will run you about $81. You can check them out here. Mae sure to give this a share on Facebook before you go!

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