Artist Crochets Life-Size Anatomically Correct Skeleton With Removable Organs

If you liked the series Dexter or just like skulls and macabre art, this is for you. Shanell Papp is the artist and brains behind these crocheted cadavers. Each crocheted skeleton, all anatomically correct, is inspired by her interests.

At just nine years old, Papp taught herself how to crochet. Since then, she’s been creating skeletal sculptures for various research projects. She graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 2010 and has participated in several research projects including on textiles, anatomy, and art. Papp also dabbles in bawdy which is a comical way of dealing with indelicate topics.

“I made the skeleton, in order to explore my body while I was an art student at the University of Lethbridge‘, she explains. ‘before making this work I had a keen interest in medical history, Frankenstein, enlightenment thinking, the Victorian period, the birth of industry (textile production), crime investigation, mortuary practices, and museums…. I made the work to explore my interest in the human body.”

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h/t: Design Boom

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