Mom Crochets Insanely Detailed Full Body Halloween Costumes For Her Kids

Stephanie Pokorny turned her teenage hobby into a unique and fun venture that has enthralled the internet in viral social media posts, including here on CanYouActually.

We knew Pokorny’s designs were something special after we posted a photo of one of her costumes on our Facebook page.

That photo garnered hundreds of thousands of likes and shares across the web within a few hours so we knew it deserved more than just one post. People wanted to know more about the captivating pieces that are unlike anything you typically find in stores for Halloween.

Each skillfully crafted costume by Pokorny captures all the unique features of wide-ranging characters like Skeletor from Masters of the Universe and a Xenomorph from Alien.

Down to their shadows and eyes, Pokorny, who also showcases her incredible talent on her website Crochetverse, leaves no detail unresolved. Pokorny told My Modern Met that her skills blossomed after her fourth son was born and wore one of her handcrafted gems.

“My youngest son was the first recipient of one of these costumes,” she said. “Over time, it has become an absolute tradition my boys look forward to. They get to tell me what they want to be, and I then work to create it for them.”

Pokorny devotes a severe amount of time to each of the costumes. Each takes up to 40-50 hours of her time for a few weeks. But with each hour of labor, Pokorny says she only gets better.

Along with these awesome crocheted Halloween costumes, Pokorny also offers free tutorials and even sells a lot of her patterns on Ravelry for you to replicate yourself!

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