Couple Ties The Knot 60 Years After Meeting, And You Won’t Believe How It Happened


10 years ago, 81 year old Cynthia Riggs, took up a hobby as a mystery writer. She never knew that her true life experience would be her greatest mystery story.

One day, Cynthia received a cryptic message in the mail written on a plain white piece of paper. What made this even more bizarre was the fact that the  message had no name or return address. Most people would have just tossed it in the trash, but Cynthia new exactly what it was.

You see, 60 years ago, Cynthia met a man named Howard Attebery while working at a Marine Laboratory in San Diego. They use to exchange notes quite frequently, ones that only they could decode. Even though Howard had feelings for Cynthia, he never told her because he figured she never felt the same way.

Cynthia and Howard 60 years ago.


At the age of 90, Howard finally got the courage to tell Cynthia how he felt. He then sent her that cryptic message expressing his love for her.

After receiving the note, Cynthia tracked him down. Howard proposed in less than an hour, and they got married soon after. Isn’t true love amazing!

The cryptic mail Cynthia received.


The note reads, “I have never stopped loving you.”


Cynthia and Howard today, right after becoming engaged.


Their fairy tale wedding!


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