They Used Wood Discs To Transform Their Old Floor Into A Stunning Masterpiece

This beautiful, rustic cordwood flooring is guaranteed to transform any home.

It was made by Sunny Pettis Lutz who created the memorable floor for her home using two types of dead Juniper.

The floor is coated with polyurethane which makes it flat and easy to clean.

There are many ways to acquire the type of wood you desire for your flooring.

You can cut the wood yourself, hire someone or simply purchase the wood outright.

Just make sure you cut the pieces into a manageable size so you are able to work with them in order to get your final cut of 1″ discs.

1. Run each piece through the chop saw set at 1″.


2. Sort ‘discs’ for usable ones vs bad ones.


3. Remove any loose bark either by hand using a chisel or scraper.


4. Prepare floor surface by sweeping and mopping. We are gluing the slices directly onto our concrete slab.


5. Sand both sides using a belt sander.



6. Begin to layout disks on the floor. Try to get them as close as possible. Work in 2′ sections.


7. Glue the layout you have chosen. We’re using Loctite PL Premium Construction Adhesive.


8. Repeat.
9. Sand using a belt sander until everything is smooth and level.
10. Use shop vac to cleanup all dust and debris.
11. Apply a light coat of polyurethane to the surface of the disks. (this is to prevent the grout from adhering to the faces).
12. Grout the spaces with a mix of 80% tile grout, 20% sawdust.
13. Apply 2-3 coats of polyurethane to finish.

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