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22 Ridiculously Cool Furniture We All Wish We Could Afford

Furniture is just amazing nowadays. Designers have come up some of the most unique and comfortable furniture on the planet.

These pieces range from folding sectionals, to skateboard benches and bookshelves. Lets face it, you’ll probably never be able to afford this cool furniture, but at least it’s cool to look at.

When you are done making your way through these make sure you check out this amazing multi functional bed.

1. A four-poster bed fit for a fairy queen


Queen Titania herself would be proud to sleep in this beauty.

Price: $5,298

2. A minimalist indoor swing that’s so much cooler than anything you’ve ever seen at a playground


Couch potatoes < swing potatoes.

Price: $900

3. A giant pair of lips


Yeah, that sounds a little dirty — oh well!

4. “Moon elements” you can fold (and unfold) into a variety of different types of furniture


A chaise lounge, a table, an easy chair: the possibilities aren’t *quite* endless, but there are a lot of them!

Price: $800

5. Upholstered side chairs that look like dogs and ponies



Old MacDonald started designing furniture, E-I-E-I-O. And in his showroom he had a dog, E-I-E-I-O. With a “woof woof” here…

Price: $289.99 (the dog) and $540 (the pony)

6. A geometric “zome” to hang from a tree in your yard


Kodoma Zomes are “the synthesis of geodesic domes, which were invented by revolutionary architect Buckminster Fuller, and zonodehral polygons,” and you’d be crazy not to want to spend an afternoon casually swinging back and forth in one.

Price: $5,400

7. A bear shelf to fiercely display your belongings on



Price: $709

8. A bench made from recycled skateboards


Price: $1,099.99

9. Fold-up chairs you can hang in a closet


Even if you’re rich AF, easy-to-store extra seating can come in handy.
Price: $200

10. A shelf that turns your bike into a work of art


“I was made for the spotlight.” —Your (rather vain) bike
Price: $3,700

11. A coffee table with four useful hidden compartments


There are many things you could put in the compartments…but snacks would be the best choice (snacks are always the best choice).
Price: $1,998

12. Sectional furniture that’ll turn your living room into an enormous game of Tetris



Sorry for making you think about Tetris (thus getting the song stuck in your head for the next five hours).
Price: $6,431.99

13. Geometric shelving units to stack up against a wall


They may not be the most practical way to shelve things, but they sure look cool.
Price: $89

14. A daybed that looks nicer than your current apartment


When can we move in?
Price: $6,396

15. A bench that’s tied up in knots


Or a twisted shelf.
Price: $3,800

16. Stepping stools that look like they’re about to gobble you up


They’re (fittingly) made by a company called “Gobble.”
Price: $155

17. The biggest beanbag you’ve ever seen


You may want to leave your bed out by the curb and replace it with this thing.
Price: $441.22

  18. Bookcases that are feeling a little tipsy


This is what furniture looks like when it gets drunk.
Price: $112

19. Brightly colored pieces of furniture that look like something you’d be able to use in The Sims


They’re designed by Frank Gehry.
Price: $250

20. And a bed that looks like a camper


It may be meant for children, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t get one and use it as a cozy little reading nook!
Price: $1,840

21. Altwork Station


This combo dentist’s chair/desk will change the way you work from home as a rich, rich human.

Price: $5,900

22. Tree Shadow Chair


Pretty cool, but probably not $2,100 cool.

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h/t Buzzfeed

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