Guy Spends 4 Years Growing A Church From Trees In His Backyard

Trees make a world of difference. They add to the Earth’s air quality and being around trees just makes a person feel good, both mentally and physically.

That’s why we love this charming little church in New Zealand (as if New Zealand could be any more beautiful).

It was created by Brian Cox using carefully selected trees which took 4 years to complete. The end result is absolutely stunning.

He achieved the desired look by choosing from a variety of trees using some stone-colored trunks and sparse foliage to insure that sunlight is able to penetrate the inside of the church. Cox sort of already has a knack for this type of work being the owner of Treelocations, a gardening company which replants live trees.

Inspiration for the church came to Cox during his travels abroad where he observed churches from around the world. Cox cleared the land behind his backdoor and made an iron frame utilizing the research he accumulated over years of studying churches.










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