This Woman Built Her Dog A Miniature Bedroom Underneath The Stairs

When most people invite a pet into their home, they purchase a standard dog house or a comfortable bed they found at PetsMart.

Not this woman. She transformed a small room into a bedroom for her chihuahua, Pancho, and it’s absolutely the best thing you’ll see all day.

Thanks to her unorthodox idea, we think she has set a new trend in creating spaces for our pets.

In Pancho’s stylish bedroom, you’ll find a famous painting of dogs playing poker on his wall, a sophisticated chest of drawers, a bedside lamp, and a gold bed frame, and toys.


‘When my aunt was building her new house after retiring from 30 years of teaching, my other two aunts basically forced her to decorate a room for a dog,’ Will Rigdon told Bored Panda.




Is it bad that this dog has a better room than me?? (Sigh)….

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