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This Ridiculous Carbon Fiber Hammock Bathtub Is The Epitome Of Relaxation

There really isn’t anything like soaking in a tub to relax. It’s no surprise when you hear how much people invest into this tiny area of their home.

People want to unwind as comfortably as possible, and thanks to SplinterWorks and their new carbon fiber hammock bathtub, you can do just that.

The Vessel makes for an awesome addition to any home, with a large enough space for it of course. The Vessell is approximately nine feet long and is packed with foam at its core to keep you well insulated and your water warmer longer.

Besides needing deep pockets for the cost of the tub and installation, you’ll need two sturdy walls, a drain on the floor for the Vessel to empty, and a standing faucet.

Oh yeah, and did we mention it also comes in 24 Carat Gold

Prices are available upon request, so basically if you have to ask you probably can’t afford…. However, if you’re interested you can check out more info here.

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