Car Dealership Forces Pizza Delivery Guy To Return A $7 Tip. It Backfires Massively

What started out as an ordinary day for Jarrid Tansey, delivering pizzas in Dartmouth, Massachusetts quickly turned into a “WTF” just happened kind of day.  According to the video and the Go Fund Me website, Jerrid had delivered pizza to the employees at the F & R Auto Sales used car dealership.


One of the guys paid Jarrid $20 (in all ones) for a $12 pizza.  Jarrid made sure the guy knew this before he had left and thought it was a generous tip, only to hear that it was a practical joke and that the dude at the car dealership called back Jarrid’s manager at the Palace Pizza demanding that Jarrid return the money back to the dealership.  You can see how he was treated once he returned in the video below.

Luckily, for Jarrid, these idiots decided to post the surveillance video on YouTube for laughs… However, the people around the internet didn’t see it that way.

They’re getting blasted on Yelp and Google……

Hundreds of reviews like these

Screenshot (612)

Someone even set-up this Facebook page… LOL

Let’s just say karma has Jarrid’s back. A decent guy earning an honest living should NEVER be treated this way. After the video gained some traction on the internet, people decided to help Jarrid and his wife by creating a Go Fund Me account which has already reached $7,406.


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