The Cool Ordinary-Looking Camper Opens Up Like An Accordion

Ah, camping. Some love it, and others hate it.

Some of the comforts of home are stripped away and the outdoors becomes our entertainment and resource for the few days we’ve decided to disconnect from the modern world.

Presented at Urban Campsite and designed by Eduard Bohtlingk, this expandable caravan is a small modern camper and dream for some who dread giving up their amenities for the outdoors.

Like a tiny apartment, the camper features collapsible walls in the sleeping and living spaces.

Inside of the camper resembles a small apartment more than a camper, with kitchen appliances, seating, and electrical capability


When it’s parked, the walls fold downward, creating two whole new rooms and tripling the floorspace



The living room side features a clear panel so you can have protection while still being able to enjoy the view



The sleeping side has an opaque panel for privacy. Not a huge deal in the wilderness, but in an RV campsite, it’s a more important concern.

The top photo shows how it looks when the foldable panels are pushed up. At night, you sleep in an orange bubble.




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