The Longest Glass Bridge On The Planet Is Nope, Nope, And Nope

Shiniuzhai National Park became home to the longest bridge of glass in the world. Located in Hunan province, Haohan Qiao – or Brave Men’s bridge – originally made of wood sits 590-feet- high and 984 feet in length. It was when park managers decided to add a section of glass that the entire platform transformed, according the South China Morning Post.

The feat took a team of eleven engineers and you might be thinking, “Wow, this looks really unsafe”. But according to the engineers, “No matter how the tourists jump on the bridge we built, it will be fine,” said Yang Guohong to the Daily Mail.

These glass bridges are nothing new either. Skywalks have increased in recent years and there’s even one in the Grand Canyon with a horseshoe-shaped glass-bottomed walkway and The Ledge at Chicago’s Willis Tower.

If you think that’s crazy… Check out the world’s first glass bottom pool.

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