This Image Will Trick Your Brain, And Make You See It In Color

It seems we’ve posted a lot lately about art and images that alter our perceptions and play tricks on our minds.

Here’s another post meant to trick your mind which was featured in the new BBC Four series titled, “Colour: The Spectrum of Science.” Follow the instructions in the video below where you’ll see a black and white image turn into a fully colored landscape.

The reason this occurs has to do with our three cone cells, one of the two types of photo receptors in our eye’s retina that’s responsible for how we see color.

Each cone is sensitive to blue, green, and red wavelengths of light and when we’re exposed to one of those colors, that cone becomes overworked and “tired” and becomes unresponsive.

This leads to you temporarily using only the leftover two types of cones. This is why you see red versus green or blue versus yellow. After a few seconds, your normal vision returns.


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