The World’s Biggest Bonfire Is Fueled By Thousands Of Stacked Wooden Pallets

Located in Alesound, Norway, the world’s largest bonfire is made up of wood pallets that are stacked over 131 feet high on an artificial island.

The reason behind the massive bonfire is known as Sankthans, or ‘Midsummer,’ which is an annual festival in commemoration of John the Baptist’s birth.

Scandinavian countries celebrate this day on June 24th as well as some parts of Europe. Slinningsbålet, the bonfire, set a record for the tallest bonfire in 2010 when residents built the bonfire up to 132ft. The base of the bonfire is approximately 65ft and took 30-40 people to build it.

What’s a little scary about it is that one person must ignite the bonfire from the top so it burns from top to bottom which is supposed to avoid potential disaster.

I wonder how quickly someone needs to rush down before the thing ignites?! Check out the video below:

1Photograph by Staale Watto/Sunnmørsposten

4Photograph by Torgeir Elveland

5Photograph by Geir Halvorsen

6Photograph via

7Photograph by Geir Halvorsen

8Photograph by Geir Halvorsen

9Photograph by Geir Halvorsen

10Photograph by Marius Helland Bøstrand

11Photograph by Marius Helland Bøstrand

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