How Black Holes Could Someday Delete the Universe

Black holes are truly terrifying phenomena.

The most powerful and frightening things in the universe are strong enough to rip apart whole stars into atomized pieces and delete entire universes.

Black holes are formed when an extraordinary amount of matter is concentrated in a tiny space and at the center, gravity is infinitely strong.

So strong that not even light can escape a black hole, and no one really knows what goes on in a black hole.

Nothing can escape it that gets too close to it, which separates it from the rest of the universe.

Unless someone is willing and OK with never returning, no one will ever know for sure what’s going on at the center. But scientists have a solid understanding of what goes on around their edges.

To understand a part of this complexity, YouTuber Kurzgesagt put together an incredible video sponsored by Swiss National Science Foundation to give you a crash course in black holes.

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