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The Future Is Here! You Can Now Charge Your Phone By Harnessing The Power Of A Plant

This is going to sound hard to believe but what if I told you that you could charge your phone with a plant? What?! Yes, a plant that has the ability to create the cleanest energy you have ever seen by using Mother Nature‘s leaves as solar panels.

European start-up company Arkyne Technologies created Bioo Lite – a gadget that can be placed within a plant pot to utilize the power of photosynthesis. So, how does it generate energy? Is does so by using only water, soil, and the energy of any common house plant.

The system is able to take the energy produced in the soil surrounding the roots of the plant and transfer it as electricity using its leading and efficient process. The ultimate goal for Bioo Lite is to turn an entire forest into a large electricity generating source.





The Bioo is currently being funded on Indiegogo, and have well exceeded their goal of $15,000. You can purchase the Bioo here for about $110. Shipping starts sometime in December.

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