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This Effortless Vertical Bike Parking System Is Absolutely Brilliant

PARKIS is a space saving bicycle lift and the first of its kind. The mechanical bicycle lift makes is super easy to store your bike, requires minimal physical effort, and can easily rest on any wall.

It’s great for storing in small spaces like in your office, garage, and balcony. While book hooks aren’t exactly new, PARKIS, and effortless vertical bike parking are.

It’s great for storing your bike in small spaces like in your office, garage, and balcony saving up to 40% of floor space while looking stylish.

You can choose from two stylish options:

Original PARKIS (yellow)
Luxury PARKIS (metallic) *
* To make Luxury PARKIS the special surface treatment technique is being used, this process requires an extra special care during manufacturing.


Multiple bikes storage




They’ve already exceeded their goal over on Kickstarter with nearly $70,000 in funding. The PARKIS will run you about $268 for the yellow version, and you can expect shipping to start in March of 2017.

h/t Kickstarter

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