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The Best Recumbent Bike You Can Buy In 2021

If you’re looking for the best recumbent bike for your home you’ve come to the right place!

Below we’ll be reviewing the five best exercise bikes for 2020. A recumbent exercise bike is a comfortable and effective alternative to the standard upright designs. The recumbent seat allows for legs and glutes to be targeted while putting less strain on the lower back or the neck.


Schwinn 270

The Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike is a comfortable and sturdy product that is great for anyone tracking their own fitness goals.Schwinn 270

The Schwinn features 29 different programs and an incredible range of 25 resistance levels, so you can completely customize your workout. With Schwinn Connect technology, it’s able to connect with your MyFitnessPal app to set and track goals for calorie burning, exercise duration, and more.

The control panel features a USB port for easy data exchanging. All of your goals and feedback will be displayed across two LCD display screens. Aside from its versatility and feedback, we consider this one of the top recumbent machines because of its sturdy and comfortable construction.

The seat is cushioned and features contours for your legs and a vented back. This seat can be adjusted on a slider, which is extremely easy to use. All parts are solid and durable, ensuring that it remains sturdy during use.


Quiet operation
Simple setup
Connects to fitness apps and goal trackers
Durable and safe


Control panel may die too soon
Some heart rate monitor issues
Possible faulty display lights

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Marcy ME 709

The Marcy ME 709 is a fantastic option for anyone who wants a high-quality exercise machine without the high-end price-tag.Marcy ME 709

It features eight preset resistance levels to choose from, but you can further customize these levels by tightening or loosening the tension knob.

The control panel has a display screen that keeps track of your speed, distance, time, and burned calories. If you’re looking for a compact option that doesn’t take up too much room, this option would be ideal for you.

Both the back and bottom of the recumbent seat are padded all the way through for a comfortable workout. Straps on each pedal help keep your feet secure as you’re moving them.


Compact design
Easy to operate
Built for comfort


Small display panel
No holder for water bottles
May not be a good option for shorter individuals

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Sunny Health & Fitness

The Sunny Health & Fitness uses a magnetic tension with eight different resistance settings.Sunny Health & Fitness

The LCD display gives feedback on the basics like calories burned, miles, and time, but the addition of sensors in the machine’s handles allow for heart-rate feedback as well.

The handles themselves are down low at your sides, offering superior balance and comfort as you exercise. The seat is in two separate parts, and both the bottom and back are constructed with a comfortable foam padding.

The seat is extremely easy to adjust and slide closer to the pedals. A simple handle underneath the seat can be used to slide it up and down.


Compact design
Simple adjustment of seat
Quiet operation


Small display panel
No holder for water bottles
Seat in two parts and may be uncomfortable for some

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Schwinn MY16 230

The Schwinn MY16 230 is another great optionbest recumbent exercise bike that features a much larger control panel than most of the other options.

This panel has a media shelf for your phone or tablet with speakers and also includes a USB port so you can transfer your goals and other data from your fitness app.

All of this info can be seen on the panels two large LCD screens. You can choose from 20 different resistance levels and 22 unique workout programs. The vented and contoured seat along with the three-speed fan keep you cool no matter how hard you’re working out.

The seat in easily adjustable to accommodate all heights.


Entertainment features
Compatible with fitness apps
Easy to use and adjust
Comfortable seat
Water bottle holder


Some issues with second display panel
Fan can be noisy

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Ironman X-Class 410

If you’re looking for a total package, then the Ironman X-Class 410 might be the best exercise bike for you.Best Recumbent Bike

It comes complete with a mat and accessories. It features an outstanding 32 levels of resistance, and each level is smooth and consistent. Along with this, the control panel lets you choose from 12 different workout plans. It has two large speakers and a good-sized media shelf for your entertainment.

The seat is unbelievably comfortable. The back offers adjustable lumbar support, and the bottom of the seat has several air chambers that give it the perfect amount of softness and support.

The seat can be both moved up or down and the back support can recline at whatever angle you like best.


Entertainment features
Included mat
Extremely durable and long-lasting
Superior comfort


Mat not very durable
Some issues with faulty control buttons

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Best Recumbent Bike 2020

We believe that the Ironman X-Class 410 is the best option. While it is quite a bit more expensive than the other options, the extra price guarantees the longevity and quality of the Ironman X.

It is extremely durable and is by far the most comfortable option on the list. People looking for recumbent over upright options typically benefit from the back and neck support. The Ironman X-Class 410’s fully adjustable seat ensures that you get the proper support you need at all times.

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