Need A Drink? Here Are 12 Of The Coolest Places In The World To Grab One

It’s no secret people love their alcohol to go with their vacations.

From Israel to Jamaica, there are some pretty fantastic and unique drinking spots around the world that you need to put on your bucket list.

Let’s face it, once you return from some of these places, you’ll never look at a normal bar the same….. Ever.

Vernadsky Research Base — Galindez Island, Antarctica


If you ever find yourself in Antarctica, which would probably be never…. then head on over to this place… the Vernadsky Research Base has its own cool little bar inside, and it’s considered the southernmost public bar in the world. You can also find a general store, gift shop, kitchen, library and lounge.

The Baobab Tree Bar — Modjadjiskloof, South Africa


If you’ve ever wanted to have a drink inside a 6,000 year old tree, then this is the place for you. The Baobab Tree Bar is located in South Africa, inside the world’s widest baobab tree. The bar sits about 15 people and was created back in the 1980’s.

Hôtel Sidi Driss — Matmata, Tunisia

This isn’t just any hotel with a bar…. it’s actually Luke Skywalker’s Tatooine home from  A New Hope and Attack of the Clones. The hotel holds roughly 144 people in 20 rooms, all of which are interconnected by by numerous tunnels.

Mt. Huashan Teahouse — Huayin, China


This bar/teahouse is located on the top of an extremely high peak in Huayin, China….. and it will take you a full days walk to even be able to get to it.

Some of the obstacles along the way include “the heavenly stairs” (a bridge made of planks that have been nailed into the mountain), and a series of foot-holes with no rope. Check more out about it (HERE).

Birdsville Hotel — Simpson Desert, Australia


This place is located in the middle of the outback, and roughly 1,000 miles west of Brisbane, Australia. It’s a popular tourists spot for people wanting to tour the Birdsville Track.

Top Mountain Star — Oetztal Valley, Austria


This breathtaking bar set 10,000 feet high on a ridge, overlooks Obergurgl-Hochgurgl, a popular ski resort located in Austria. The place also has some incredible food…..

Sugarloaf Kiosk — Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


The Sugarloaf Kiosk is another bar that’s perched high up on a massive cliff…. nearly 1,300 feet to be exact. Oh yeah… and it’s only asscesbile by a 75-person cable car (unless you feel like rock climbing).

Floyd’s Pelican Bar — Negril, Jamaica


This pirate looking shack is run by one man… can you guess his name?? Yeah, Floyd… it’s his bar and it’s located right off the shores of Jamaica. The only down side to this bar is the $140 fee you have to pay to even be able to get out there… but hey, if you’re already there… might as well.

Ithaa — Dhivehi, Maldives


This interesting little resturant / bar can hold up to 14 people, and is encased with a transparent roof offering a 270° stunning panoramic underwater view. The entrance is a spiral staircase that leads from the top of a pier like structure.

The Night Heron — New York, New York


This cool little bar was located in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, inside of an abandoned water tower. Noticed why I said “was”….. well it’s no longer in business…. Aghhh.

The Rock — Zanzibar, Tanzania


This unique little bar is perched on a rock… hence the name. The Rock is located off the Tanzanian coast and can be accessed by a swimming or taking a small boat.

Red Sea Star — Eilat, Israel


The Red Sea Star is an underwater bar and restaurant that sits a cool 16ft below the ocean’s surface, and about 230 feet off the shores of Eilat. What stands out the most is not so much the food or drinks, but the view… it’s surrounded by an incredible reef-garden.

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