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The Top 5 Best Ping Pong Tables In 2021

Finding the best ping pong table can be quite difficult. With so many brands on the market it can be pretty hard to find which one really is the best.

Hopefully we can make your search a little bit easier. We’ve reviewed the top five ping pong tables on the market, as well as given you an official verdict on which one we believe is the best.

Ping Pong (much like air hockey) has long been part of our playing culture. Like all other games, Ping Pong also has an interesting history. The game originated from in Victorian era where it was played as a substitute for lawn tennis. Ping Pong has come a long way and is now one of the most recreational games of our era. Everyone gets the basic gist of the game and how it is played. It all boils down to which table is right for you.

If you’ve recently begun playing, you might not know the difference the table itself can make to your overall game. A good table can be the difference between a great and a mediocre game, whether you are playing for pure leisure or are indulged in playing in a tournament.

A ping pong table varies from brand to brand and conducting thorough research before purchasing is key. For amateurs, a good table might not matter as long as one can play the game. But for someone who is truly serious about the sport, a quality table tennis table is incredibly important.

Owning a ping pong table is a matter of preference. The five basic rules one should follow while searching for good one are:

  • The strength of frame on the table
  • Surface thickness of the playing surface
  • Convenience and value
  • Safety features


Ping Pong Table Reviews


Killerspin MyT4 Pocket

The Killerspin My T4 has been a versatile edition to the table tennis market. The brand has strived for blue eyed innovations making it a hit for game enthusiasts who don’t mind shelling out the extra bucks in favor of trendy additions to their table tennis table

The table boasts of a high-quality production. The playing surface has a 16-layer repeat roller coating which ensures the longevity of the setup, comes with a premium clip-on steel net and post system, a heavy gauge metal frame with 3-inch ball bearing lockable wheels for easy mobility and a hands-on box to play setup of 15 minutes.

Patrons have vouched for its durability and quality over the years. The brand has focused on quality and creativity in its make and designing of the product and unlike other brands, the final product delivered has a fresh outlook that appeals to the masses.

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The JOOLA brand has made quite the name for itself in the ping pong tables arena with its compatibility and the well-rounded bargain price. best ping pong table

Since the company’s inception half a century ago, JOOLA has come a long way in terms of honing their tradecraft.

The Nova Outdoor table has some efficient features which include a 6mm aluminum plastic composite playing that surface provides for a top notch quality bounce unseen in its other competitors.

The foldable two-piece design allows for easy movement, the rust-resistant locking casters, and thick durable wheels withstand all types of uneven surface.

The solid aluminum frame with thick durable wheels is capable of withstanding all kinds of weather.

The Nova outdoor table excels in providing a top notch quality table tennis table with a competitive price compared to other brands on the market. Its affordability and its commitment to quality make it an ideal piece of hardware for gamers.

You can read more about the JOOLA Nova and buy one here


STIGA Advantage

The STIGA advantage ping pong table is another great option for customers looking for a quality table.STIGA Advantage

The table comes in two independent halves which make it a great feature because for users who desire a free-standing table as well. The cool thing is that the  two halves can be perched on top of each other for  compact storage.

The setup takes no more than 10 minutes. A safety latch system  is also featured on this the table combined with an exceptional playing surface made out of multiple roller coat paint, UV cured, and PVC edged banded . It’s the best in the business.

The clamp-style attachment of nets and square steel legs ensure a smooth playing surface which can withstand uneven floor surfaces.

One of the main advantages of this tennis table is its quick play design that saves you from the time-consuming assembly that one has to endear in comparison with others in the market.

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The JOOLA inside table has been the brand’s best-selling table since it was introduced to the table tennis community. JOOLA

Largely considered for beginners, this table has some great basic configurations.

The playing surface is durable which has been carved out of 5/8’’ wooden composite allowing for a consistent ball bounce. It features a playback mode with split type construction for a one-on-one play and comes with four locking casters making it handy for storage and transport.

It’s is an affordable table for the price it’s sold ay and makes for a good leisure keeper. It’s a competition grade table and is perfect for home, and community centers.

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Viper Arlington Table Tennis Table

The final name in this review is the Viper Arlington. The table has a distinguishable appearance as that of other brands sticking to a classic black surface with red edges. Viper Arlington Table Tennis Table

This is the ideal choice for starters and intermediate level players. The table comes with a 5/8’’ playing surface typical of mid to lower end indoor tables and an 8 wheel system made of rubber.

The table is adjustable and ideal for storage with 2 separate halves. The table comes pre-assembled which does not take more than 20 minutes to set up.

The affordability of the Viper Arlington makes it an ideal choice and provides for an excellent gameplay for a decent budget.

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Best Ping Pong Table 2020

After closely analyzing all tables we found a definite winner: JOOLA Nova.

The table has a lot on offer in terms of its content. From its standout multi-layer paint process to its robust and sleek design, the table stands out from its counterparts in terms of its durability and affordability.

The table is easy to set up in a timely manner. Its water resistant design is capable of withstanding every elementary seasonal abuse while its ability to generate a consistent and quality bounce during gameplay works wonders to provide an ultimate experience to players.

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