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The Best Mattresses Of 2022: Buying Guide

Finding the best mattress can not only be difficult but incredibly time-consuming. With so many mattresses on the market to choose from finding the one that’s right for you can sometimes feel overwhelming.

However, we hope to make finding one a little bit easier with this simple, yet in-depth review guide below. We’ll discuss innerspring, latex, and memory foam mattresses; plus review the best mattresses for each type.

It is true that human beings spend a third of their lives in bed. To this end, a good night’s sleep is crucial. Though there are many factors that determine the quality of sleep including room temperature, comfort, and stress levels, a good mattress poses the primary factor in determining how you sleep.

Mattresses should be evaluated every seven years; if you have had your mattress for a long period, it may be time to change. If you wake up with lower back pain, which can be shaken off by stretching for a couple of minutes, then your mattress is inappropriate for you.

With new technologies, mattress manufacturers are using different materials and techniques to create mattresses that accommodate the budget and needs of everyone.


Innerspring Mattress

What is an innerspring mattress? Innerspring mattresses feature a steel coil support mechanism.Innerspring Mattresses

These mattresses have been on the market for the longest time, and they continue rising in popularity even in the presence of newer mattress designs.

Today, manufacturers are using different spring systems such as individually enclosed spring systems. To add comfort, manufacturers add a variety of materials including latex, pillow, and foam; shoppers will only need to choose based on their preference.

These Innerspring Mattresses come in different coil counts. However, according to Michael Breus, Ph.D. from WebMD, the best innerspring mattress is not always determined by coil count.

In most cases, there is no variance in how mattresses with different coil counts feel. Spring mattresses are ideal for heavy people as they offer firmer support and make it easy for them to hop in and out.

For those with low back pain, a firmer mattress is better. Nevertheless, innerspring mattresses come in handy for everyone.


• Plenty of them in the market
• Wide range in firmness and fluffiness of pillow top
• Accommodate different budgets and preferences
• Steel coils are durable


• No relationship between their prices and comfort offered
• Wide range of choices makes it daunting to choose the best
• Coil material may absorb bad odors


Latex Mattress

What is a latex mattress? Latex Mattresses have been on the market since 1960 but the high cost of production affected retail prices, and average sleepers could not afford them.Latex Mattresses

In the recent past, however, technology has significantly reduced prices making them affordable.

These mattresses feature natural or synthetic latex foam (rubber) as the support system. This material is known to be firm and bouncy thereby providing the best comfort and support combination.

Buyers prefer natural latex mattresses to synthetic latex mattresses thanks to their hypoallergenic character and their durability. The best latex mattress pushes back after being slept on, and ultimately offers more support.


• Firm, supportive and comfortable
• Latex material is highly durable
• Produces no smells and natural latex is 100 percent environmentally friendly


• Relatively pricier
• Some models are too firm for sleepers
• Heavy and not easy to move


Memory Foam Mattress

What is a memory foam mattress? Memory foam mattresses are created with different layers of different density foam. These layers of foam respond to a sleeper’s body weight, temperature, and shape.Memory Foam Mattresses

The best memory foam mattress contours to the shape of the body aligning the spine just the way it is supposed to be and offering more comfort.

Recently, manufacturers have introduced reticulated, gel-infused, open-cell foam support layers to improve comfort.

Memory foam mattresses have been produced since 1960 and have gained popularity among those who suffer low back pain. Not only are they good at offering pain relief but also ideal for ensuring the pain does not occur.


• By conforming to body shape, the mattress reduces pressure points thereby relieving pain
• The mattress reduces movement making it easy to sleep with a partner
• Resistant to molds, bedbugs, dust mites, bacteria, and allergens


• Retains body temperature making them uncomfortable in summer
• New mattresses produce a strong chemical smell; this is called off-gassing
• Low support as they contour to body shape

Some mattresses will combine different materials – memory foam, latex, and coils – to offer the best performance.

Such a mattress comes with the durability of latex and steel coils and the comfort of memory foam to give sleepers everything in one package.


Innerspring Mattress Reviews


LinenSpa 6-Inch

This LinenSpa innerspring mattress was created to offer a night of comfort.LinenSpa 6-Inch

It comes with a quilted mattress cover and inner foam designed to offer comfort while its heavy-gauge steel springs enhance longevity. With a fire-resistant barrier, sleepers are ensured safety.

For ease of transport, the LinenSpa 6″ come compressed. Seven sizes are available to choose from including Cal King sizes, King, Queen, Full XL, Full, Twin XL and Twin.


• Great price-quality ratio
• Quilted fabric adds comfort while tempered steel coils enhance durability
• Different colors to choose from
• Tested for fire safety


• The springs can be felt when one sleeps thanks to thin padding
• Too firm for children
• Padding, even when thick, is not durable

Click here to see prices on Amazon and learn more about the LinenSpa


Zinus Sleep Master Ultima 8-Inch

Created with pressure-relieving foam and pocketed iCoil springs, the Zinus Sleep Master is the ideal futon for those who suffer lower back pain.Zinus Sleep Master Ultima 8-Inch

The mattress follows recent innerspring mattress technology where the mattress features hundreds of singly enclosed iCoils to eliminate movement transfers.

For durability and performance, Zinus comes with CentiPUR-US certified high-quality foam. On buying this mattress, it comes compressed, rolled, and packed in a box for easy shipping. Plus, the manufacturer offers a ten-year limited warranty.


• Thick padding for extra comfort
• Singly enclosed coils for better support
• Durable mattress cover
• Relatively lower price


• Prone to bed bugs and allergens
• Springs can be felt after a few years of use
• Very firm

Click here to see prices on Amazon and learn more about the Zinus


Classic Brands Mercer 12-Inch Hybrid

The Mercer Classic Brands 12 Inch mattress combines the best of both worlds for this particular innerspring mattress; it features steel coil springs and gel memory foam.Best Innerspring Mattress

At the top, there is a 5-inch memory foam to disperse body heat and offer the comfort expected with memory foam mattresses.

There are three more layers of gel-infused memory foam measuring .25 inches, .5 inches, and an additional .75 inches form for extra support. This additional layer covers the 8 inches of individual springs.

The spring system reduces movement transfer ensuring comfort. A beautiful quilted fabric covers the top of the mattress.


• Comfortable and supportive thanks to memory foam top
• Durable material
• Quilted top easy to maintain


• Chemical smells due to memory foam
• The mattress curves downwards at the edges making it uncomfortable for head support
• Relatively high price

Click here to see prices on Amazon and learn more about the Mercer


Signature Sleep 13-Inch

Offered with a pillowtop for enhanced comfort, the Signature Innerspring Mattress is ideal for those with low back pain as well as those looking for a good night’s sleep.Signature Sleep 13-Inch

Two sizes are available; full size and queen size. The full-size mattress comes with 609 individually enclosed steel coils for extra support and comfort.

Each of the coils is gauge 15; this ensures firm support. For ease of transport, the mattress is compressed, coiled, and packed in a box.


• Created with quality, durable materials which are CertiPUR-US certified
• Thick padding to offer comfort and a high number of coils for support
• Great price-quality ratio


• Light chemical smell for the first few days
• Susceptible to dust mites
• You have to allow at least 48 hours of decompression after unboxing

Click here to see prices on Amazon and learn more about the Signature Sleep


Sleep Inc. 13″ BodyComfort Select 4000

The handcrafted 13” mattress is the best innerspring mattress in its price range.Sleep Inc. 13" BodyComfort Select 4000

The mattress features hundreds of coil springs designed to offer maximum back support.

These have been coupled with five layers of convoluted foam for enhanced comfort.

To manage the edges, BodyComfort Select 4000 sports 360-degree foam layer encasement while a TENCEL cover manages moisture.

Box spring is offered separately and should be attached to the 9-inch semi-steel of wood foundation to make the mattress whole. Other BodyComfort select models are available.


• 5-zone foam conforms to the sleeper’s body offering more comfort
• Mold resistant thanks to TENCEL cover
• High quality and durable pillowtop


• Relatively higher price
• Decompression takes long
• Foam top wears off after years of use

Click here to see prices on Amazon and learn more about the Sleep Inc.

Latex Mattress Reviews


DreamFoam 10-Inch

DreamFoam 10-inch latex mattress features a bamboo cover and 3 inches of Talalay latex which ensures that the mattress contours based on the shape of the sleeper.DreamFoam 10-Inch

It is, therefore, ideal for those who are suffering back pains.

The Talalay latex makes this bed resistant to allergens and molds while the bamboo top features 100 percent bamboo fibers for maximum moisture absorbency.

Better yet, shoppers can choose how fit they need their mattress to be when buying; on a scale of 1-10. For those who do not understand their comfort level, the manufacturer offers support.


• Available in different levels of firmness
• Conforms to the shape of the sleeper for enhanced support and comfort
• Unbeatable price-quality ratio


• Different levels of firmness can be confusing to buyers who may end up with very firm or soft mattress
• Foam base and top wear out after a few years of use
• Cover side seams rip off

Click here to see prices on Amazon and learn more about the DreamFoam


LUCID 16-Inch Memory Foam and Latex

Combining the best of two worlds, the LUCID 16-inch mattress comes with four layers that guarantee optimal comfort.best latex matress

There is the top cover, then the Top layer which is 1-inch bamboo charcoal underneath which is a 3-inch memory foam, and a 2-inch natural latex layer.

The combination of latex and memory foam gives this mattress a comfortable feel while ensuring it springs back to shape to support the sleeper.

The top cover is made of TENCEL which is not only soft but also absorbs water significantly.

The mattress is resistant to allergens and comes with CertiPUR-US certified materials for durability and performance. It does not feature chemicals such as CFCs, Mercury, or Formaldehyde.


• Decompresses fast
• Resistant to mold and allergens
• Relieves pressure points thanks to the memory foam layer


• Chemical odor can last for more than two weeks
• Memory form top is so soft for those with back pains
• Mattress not comfortable during seasons

Click here to see prices on Amazon and learn more about the LUCID


My Green Mattress 7-Inch Natural Latex

Designed to offer the top level of comfort, My Green Mattress can qualify to be the best latex mattress thanks to its 6-inch layer of hypoallergenic 100 percent natural Dunlop latex foam.My Green Mattress

This takes the shape of the sleeper’s body relieving pressure points and offering comfort.

To offer even more comfort, the mattress is covered by a 100 percent cotton top and a 100 percent natural wool quilt. It is free of allergens and fire retardant synthetic fabrics.

Plus, the manufacturer offers a 100-night free trial! Better yet, on the purchase, the mattress comes with a 10-year warranty.


• Natural materials are durable and produce no smells
• Safe from fire, mold, and allergens
• Great price for value


• Firmer than most latex mattresses
• Average sleeper will find it very expensive
• Quilted wool top may attract moths

Click here to see prices on Amazon and learn more about the My Green Natural


Brentwood Home-Mirador

The Brentwood Mirador is a combination of an innerspring mattress and a natural latex mattress to offer maximum support and comfort.Brentwood Home-Mirador

It features a pocket of micro-coils, wool, silk, and cashmere top, hand-tufted rosettes, hand-stitched edges, and a layer of 100 percent natural latex.


• New Zealand wool wicks away moisture and acts as a fire barrier
• 1353 singly enclosed micro-coils offer maximum support and ensure comfort
• Free of unhealthy chemicals and heavy metals
• 25-year manufacturer limited warranty
• Three handles for easy transport


• Mattress not affordable to average sleeper; good price-quality ratio though
• Edges compress when one rolls in bed
• Does not decompress fast after unboxing

Click here to see prices on Amazon and learn more about the Brentwood


Sharper Image 10-Inch

(No Longer Available)

With two layers of natural latex and patented thermo-regulating covers, this Sharper Image mattress offers comfort to those with back pains and releases pressure points for a luxurious night.

The Thermo BalanceTM technology featured in this mattress absorbs moisture and takes away body temperature giving the sleeper a cooler and dryer night.

Sharper Image Latex Mattress features a layer of pure latex which is hypoallergenic and breathable and adapts to the shape of a sleeper’s body and a layer of ResponseTM foam which features pre-stressed technology to give the mattress a long, productive life.


• Resistant to moth, mold, and allergens
• Comfortable thanks to temperature management cover
• Features no chemicals or heavy metals and thereby no smells
• Durability guaranteed thanks to Response pre-stress technology
• CertPUR-US certified materials


• Some products so soft for comfort
• Only a few cover colors available to choose from
• Heavy and with no handles making handling problematic

We Recommend Instead: Sunrising Bedding 8 Inch Hybrid


Memory Foam Mattress Reviews


Snuggle Pedic Mattress That Breathes

This 10-inch memory foam mattress comes with a horde of features making it the best memory foam mattress on the market.Snuggle Pedic Mattress

First off, the patented airflow transfer offers great breathability for a cool night’s sleep while the flex support technology featured in the design of this mattress offers great pressure relief.

Being made in the US, this mattress is Certi-PUR certified and comes with eco-friendly materials; expect no VOCs, CFCs, or other chemicals. Its four-way zipper makes it easy to remove its high-quality bamboo cover.


• Hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites
• Works great on even solid surfaces
• Snuggle-flex technology offers extra buoyancy on the high-density mattress


• Polyurethane foam takes a few days of airing to stop smelling
• Mattress topper not durable
• Possibly too soft for some

Click here to see prices on Amazon and learn more about the Snuggle Pedic mattress


Classic Brands Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Classic Brands gel memory foam mattress is 14-inches thick and features a cotton-knit cover bordered by antagonistic suede.best memory foam mattress

With an ultra-plush feel, this mattress comes hard enough to support the back of a sleeper and soft enough to contour to its shape.

To address the issue of heat common with memory foam mattresses, this brand comes with an aerated layer of memory foam and two more layers for extra support and comfort.


• 25-year manufacturer warranty
• Comes compressed for easy setup
• Package comes with two free pillows


• Mattress needs a relatively long time to expand after unboxing
• No full warranty to cover the mattress
• Too firm for some users

Click here to see prices on Amazon and learn more about the Classic Brands mattress


Zinus Green Tea 12-Inch

Among the features that make Zinus Green Tea the best memory foam mattress includes a 3-inch thick high-rate quality memory foam and a 2-inch extra soft foam coupled with a 5-inch base foam. Zinus Green Tea

All these layers are covered by easy-to-wash polyester.

The mattress is created with formaldehyde and chemical-free foam and meets all FR Safety Standards. Even better, all materials are CertiPUR-US certified.


• Antimicrobial and resistant to dust mites
• Great value for money
• Ideal for both back and side sleepers


• The mattress does not inflate uniformly after unboxing
• Soft top wears after a few months leaving the hard layer which is a tad too firm
• In full size, some mattresses are slightly wider than the standard size

Click here to see prices on Amazon and learn more about the Zinus Green Tea mattress

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Check out our other review guide here.


What Is The Best Mattress

Today’s mattress manufacturers are keen on the durability of materials and mattresses in general; a mattress may, therefore, last a lifetime.

Nevertheless, your body will change over the years, and a mattress that was once a haven becomes a pain. Again, mattresses gather fungus, dust mites, and other substances that can cause allergies. To this end, after about ten years, a mattress needs to be changed.

According to experts, the best way to choose the best mattress for your sleeping needs is to head to the store, pick random mattresses that fit your budget and bed size, and lay on them for at least 20 minutes.

Remember to carry your pillow. This advice, however, does not apply in many situations as people are shopping online. To get the right mattress, consider your budget, your weight, sleeping position, health/allergies, and aesthetic preferences. These factors will help you determine the type of mattress to buy, the level of firmness that best suits you, the material of the mattress, and even the color. Other factors such as durability and discounts/offers should also be considered.

A mattress should not be too firm to an extent it feels like concrete and neither should it to too soft to the extent that the whole body sinks in. It should offer a great spine alignment ensuring that the shoulders and hips sink a little keeping the spine straight.


Final Thoughts

Besides the above-listed types of mattresses, there are other options that a buyer can consider including air mattresses and hybrid mattresses (we’ve mentioned a few above).

Nevertheless, the ones listed are known to offer the best in terms of comfort, price, and support. Just remember, it really boils down to personal preference.  DMCA.com Protection Status

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