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The Top 5 Best Home Gyms Of 2021

If you’re looking for the best home gym for your home you’ve come to the right place! Below we’ll be reviewing the top five home gym equipment on the market in 2019.

These compact gyms are usually accommodated through a separate room or area set aside in a home for workouts, exercise routines, and other athletic training, which is performed on specialized gym equipment.

The space for the equipment is often in a spot that is arranged to integrate both large and small gym apparatus with easy transport and movement of the equipment and easy access for the user.

Garages or spare bedrooms in houses are the typical locations for these machines while larger more exclusive homes have entire floors devoted to a gym or have or separate additions that are connected to a home and are designated specifically for an entire gym.


The Bowflex Blaze

The Bowflex Blaze can help anyone get in shape from the comfort of their own home at their own pace as it has more than 60 gym-related exercises for all muscle groups of the body.Bowflex Blaze

Exercise capabilities with the Bowflex Blaze include lateral pull-downs, bench press as well as a lower pulley and squat station for the exercise of the hamstrings, quads, and glutes. A lateral tower with an angled lateral bar helps build shoulder and back muscles. Bowflex technology includes 210 pounds of Power Rod Technology resistance that can be upgraded to 310 and 410 pounds.

There is a leg curl and leg extension attachment as well. The machine weighs 214 pounds (shipping weight) and measures 95 x 38 x 84 inches. A manufacturer’s warranty is included.

Pros –

  • Well built – long-lasting
  • Perfect size for a small to medium size room
  • Fairly easy to assemble/folds up nicely
  • Seat area can be adjusted in three different ways
  • Has upgrades
  • Better than free weight system or gym machine workouts
  • Freedom to adjust motions to suit body type, flexibility, etc.
  • Can easily switch routines
  • Rod resistance better on the joints
  • Pully system is quiet

Cons –

  • Rowing capacity could be better
  • Bulky for a home area
  • Lots of disconnecting of different cables for different uses
  • Elastic bows
  • Power bars fatigue and wear
  • Power Rods do not meet resistance
  • Changes to power bars for resistance
  • Machine not really acclimated to a cardio workout
  • Limits on the cables and bench

You can read more about the Bowflex Blaze and buy one here


Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage

The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage is another setup that is comparable in structure to a fitness club machine.Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage

It is a total-body training system that combines the best of a Smith machine that comprises precision, linear bearings, a cable routed pulley system a free-weight Olympic rack, which is all packaged in this multi-purpose machine.

The combination of three different types of strength building in one machine allows for the performance of 100 plus fitness club exercises, and its Cable Cross dual pulley system helps support everyday types of movements as well as more sports-specific movements.

Other features include a weight bench with a full leg developer and bicep curl as well as a fly station for chest muscle targeting, safety bar catches, and 600-pound total weight.

The machine weighs 237 pounds (shipping weight)and measures 84 x 20 x 8 inches. A two-year limited warranty on parts is included.

Pros –

  • Whole gym system
  • Appealing and attractive
  • Off the floor base frame design (stability)
  • Size more compact than realized
  • Great for the workout of the entire body
  • Linear Bearings used to increase the quality
  • free weight motion availability
  • Fairly priced
  • Covers major exercises

Cons –

  • Can be difficult to assemble
  • Bar not scored for hand placement
  • Plastic collars on weight bar wear down
  • Trouble engaging the safety catches
  • Need mirrors to ensure the bar evenness on both sides when re-racking
  • Weights not included

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Body-Solid Powerline

The Body-Solid Powerline is another compact, convenient, and easy-to-assemble machine designed for performing 40 different exercises.Body-Solid Powerline

It has a tough, durable, 11-gauge steel frame with a powder coat finish. The press bar is biomechanically designed for maximum concentration with chest exercises and muscle development.

A lateral pull-down station provides a full range of motion and a 160-pound weight stack and a telescoping seat post make for proper body position. Tension strength is 2,200 pounds on the cables that have ends that swivel and are durable as well as easy to maintain.

The pulleys are high, mid, and low with an 8-position adjustable leg developer and press arm. The machine is complete with a 48-inch flat lateral bar, low row bar, and an abdominal harness.

The machine weighs 344 pounds and once assembled measures 70 x 42 x 80 with eleven of the components covered by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. A limited ten-year manufacturer’s warranty is included on all other parts.

Pros –

  • Compact and attractive
  • Well built
  • Fairly easy assembly
  • Ships 90% assembled-requires fastening just nine bolts
  • Versatile and fully adjustable for fit and comfort
  • Doesn’t take up a lot of room
  • Includes limited ten-year manufacturer’s warranty

Cons –

  • Cable kinking
  • Pull down bar wobbles
  • Poor instructions for assembly
  • Parts not labeled
  • Weight stack doesn’t fit securely
  • The numbering system doesn’t stick well
  • Some limitations with maneuvers

Looking to buy the Body-Solid Powerline?


Bowflex PR3000

Bowflex’s PR3000 offers a full-body workout at an affordable price. One of the best aspects of this machine is the absence of cable changes between sets.Bowflex PR3000

There are 50 plus strength exercises, which include vertical bench press and lateral pull-down aspects for specific exercise needs.

The Bowflex provides from 5 to as much as 210 pounds of resistance. Leg extensions and curls are made comfortable through upholstered roller cushions and an ankle cuff with triple functions grips a 300-pound maximum weight of the user.

The machine requires a 100 x 78-inch workout area, weighs 122 pounds (shipping weight), and measures 64 x 41 x 83. The warranty and guarantee include 7 years on the Power Rods, 1-year on the frame, and 60 days for parts.

Pros –

  • Well-engineered machine
  • Fairly easily assembled
  • Can upgrade resistance
  • No-cable-changes design/switching exercises easier
  • All-in-one resistance machine
  • Handles allow for a wide range of workouts
  • Power rods connect to all the handles
  • No need to constantly switch cable connections

Cons –

  • Can only do leg lifts with the leg exercise attachment
  • We, Will, need 100 pounds upgrade-with two 50 rods-(rods not included on a stock machine)
  • No clear instructions with rod box exchange
  • Bows stay somewhat bent after exercises
  • Manual has errors, limited exercises, and design workout
  • Resistance numbers on bows inconsistent

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Body-Solid Fusion With Leg Press

The Body-Solid Fusion F500-FLP can be configured into a system that is workable for anyone wanting to build body strength on their own time and at their own home gym

The exclusively designed machine offer over 60 exercises that include not only innovative adjustable training arms but an incline press, decline press, chest press, lateral pull-down, leg extension, tricep extension, bicep curl as well as cable row, mid-row, shoulder press, shrugs, and many other maneuvers.

All that is necessary to make this exercise equipment better is to simply add the stations and accessories that coincide with the current level of training. Individual muscle work is easily isolated and functional training is easy to incorporate as well. A 310 weight stack and FLP leg press are included.

The machine weighs approximately 859 pounds (shipping weight) and measures 79 x 80 x 83 inches and has a Body-Solid (in-home only) lifetime warranty on pads, pulley, cables, frames, etc… Everything is fully covered.

Pros –

  • Solidly built
  • Versatile machine
  • No re-configuration necessary
  • Adjustable arms allow for varying workouts
  • Pulley action is smooth
  • Lifetime warranty

Cons –

  • Heavy machine
  • Can be difficult to move
  • Can occupy considerable space

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Benefits Of Owning A Home Gym

Convenience is just one of the reasons for owning one as it replaces having to travel to a gym or fitness center for workouts, or paying membership fees to use a gym or fitness center.

Another benefit is that the equipment is located and positioned in the home, and belongs to the homeowner. Rather than the fitness center, homeowners can choose the best gym equipment that meets their needs, current skills, and strength levels.

Users can access equipment that is tailored to their abilities that haven’t been handled, used, and adjusted by others, plus they have access to their own equipment at all times. The ability to use the equipment at will is reason enough to own it.


Our Top Pick

Any one of these exercise equipment machines is adequate space savers with features that offer the best needs without the hassle and expense of a fitness membership and travel time away from home, which can be spent on in-home workouts.

Of the five machines reviewed, the Fusion F500-FLP is recommended out of the other four as its single-stack and multi-functioning approach offers a versatile workout.

It can be designed to adapt to almost any floor space while it addresses personal training needs, user preferences, and goals. The Fusion F500-FLP is a total fitness machine, fully designed with the user in mind.

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