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The 7 Best Heating Pads You Can Buy In 2021

A heating pad is a device used as heat therapy for painful and aching body parts. The best heating pad will enhance the recovery process of injured tissues by improving blood supply, stimulating skin sensation, and it reduces muscle tension and stiffness.

There are different types of heating pads which include:

  • Electrical heating pads
  • Chemical heating pads
  • Infrared heating pads
  • Microwavable heating pads

The most common, electrical heating pads, simply plug into the wall use electric energy as the source of heating. While a chemical heating pad utilizes an exothermic chemical reaction to generate heat. Microwaveable heating pads are heated in a microwave while an infrared heating pad uses infrared radiation for heating.


UTK Infrared Heat Therapy

The infrared heat therapy healing mat by UTK is a flexible heating pad that can be wrapped around various body parts like the waist, hips, arms, lower back, neck, or heating pad

The Velcro straps on the heating pad help you to secure it tightly on the affected part.

Its pad size measures 21 by 31 inches. The pad material is soft PU leather, covered by cotton. It is, therefore, comfortable on your skin and it does not irritate.

The heating pad uses infrared radiation that penetrates deep into the affected body muscles to give you quick relief for as short as half an hour.

A smart digital controller on the heating pad helps you regulate the heating pad’s temperature and memory function. It also helps power on or power off your heating pad.


• It’s 8.5 feet long power cord gives you the ability to use it from the comfort of your seat.

• Its memory button remembers the normal temperature and time of use.

• Has Jade stones inserted into the pad. Jade has long been used as a healing stone.


• Its large-sized pad may feel uncomfortable and bulk on the affected part.

• The heating pad takes a long to heat.

• Once you buy it, the heating pad is not returnable. As such you need to make sure that it suits your medical need before you purchase it.

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Best Electric Heating Pad: Sunbeam Renue

The Sunbeam heating pad is used for dry heating and moist heating, and it uses electricity as the source of heat.sunbeam

The heat wrap has a temperature control that helps you regulate the heating pad’s temperature in four different settings.

It is made of Velveteen drapes that are comfortable on your neck and shoulders. Furthermore, the velveteen material is fully washable.

As such, you can comfortably wash it after it gets dirty. Its magnetic closure helps you to secure the heat pad firmly onto your shoulders. Its extra-long power cord helps you to use the heat wrap from the comfort of your seat or bed.


• The velveteen material used on the wrap is soft and comfortable on your skin. Therefore, you can wear them for a long period.

• The heating pad has a magnetic closure that holds it fast to your shoulders and neck.

• You can adjust the heat pad to the warm, low, or medium, or high temperature.


• The heat pad powers off automatically once it heats to a certain level and you won’t power it on till the heat pad cools down.

• In the initial days of use, you might experience an irritating chemical-like smell.

• The heating pad is expensive, based on the fact that it is heat therapy for the shoulders and the neck.

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Best Heating Pad For Back: Far Infrared Amethyst Mat

This Far Infrared Amethyst Mat uses Far-infrared radiation to control your body weight, relieve pain, and to improve blood circulation.Far Infrared Amethyst Mat Heating Pad

The heating pad features a 15- layered mat and 20 pounds of gems that last long. A digital controller on the heating pad helps you to regulate its temperature and session time.

The manufacturer recommends that you drink a lot of water before you use this heating pad.

This is because proper hydration supports the Ereada Amethyst MatTM to give you the desired health benefits.

Another factor that you would consider when using this heating pad is to start your heat therapy with low temperatures for a short period. You can gradually increase the heat and time daily.


• It uses an Electro-Magnetic Interception technology that protects you against harmful EMF.

• The infrared radiation penetrates 8 inches into the skin to give you quick relief.

• The high-end soft suede fabric that covers the heating pad is soft and comfortable on your skin.


• The heating pad is pricier than most heating pads.

• It is expensive.

• Its bulky weight feels uncomfortable.

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Best Moist Heating Pad: Theratherm

The Theratherm Digital Moist Heating Pad utilizes moist heat therapy to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and muscle tension, and eliminate stiffness.Theratherm Digital Moist Heating Pad

It is designed for body parts like the knees, feet, wrists, shoulders, and back. The lockout mode on the heating pad lets you maintain a consistent temperature throughout the heat therapy session.

Another important feature of this heating pad is the flannel covering that absorbs moisture as the heating pad’s temperature continues to rise.

The moisture is later released onto your skin. An easy to use digital control helps you to regulate the temperatures within a range of 31 and 74 degrees Celsius. It’s also the best heating pad for fibromyalgia as it uses moist heat.


• The digital temperature control helps you to increase the temperature by two degrees at a time. Therefore it is better than those heating pads which allow you to control the temperature in low, medium, or high settings.

• Its timer powers off the heating pad just in case you sleep off while using the heating pad.

• The heating pad comes with a one year warranty.


• The heating pad may not last for more than a year.

• The temperature controls are cumbersome to adjust during the initial days of use.

• It has a noticeable chemical smell.

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The PureRelief Neck and shoulder heating pad is specially designed to improve blood circulation and relieve pain and muscle stiffness on your shoulders and the neck.PureRelief

It’s covered with an ultra-soft Micromink fabric that is comfortable and soft on your skin. As such, you can use it for an extended therapeutic session. Its built-in magnetic closures secure the heating pad firmly onto your neck and shoulders.

This neck and shoulder heating pad heat in seconds to give you quick pain relief on your sore and aching muscles.

The dry or moist heat option on the heating pad lets you either choose moist heating or dry heating for your therapy. Its five-year warranty is the longest when compared to other heating pads.

Its four heat settings let you adjust the heating pad into warm, low, medium, or high temperatures. Its temperature ranges from 110- 140 degrees Fahrenheit.


• It’s nine feet long power cord lets you use the heating pad from the comfort of your chair.

• The heating pad is machine washable. You can, therefore, clean it after days of use.

• It powers off automatically after two hours. Therefore, it won’t burn you in case you forget to put it off.


• It has a noticeable chemical smell.

• The maximum temperature for this heating pad Is 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Hence, it is not suitable for people who want one that can heat above this temperature.

• It is a non-returnable product.

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Best Heating Pad For Neck: Dr. Bob’s Neck Wrap

Dr. Bob’s- neck wrap heating pad fits comfortably on your neck and shoulders to provide relief for headaches, pains, and muscle tension.Dr. Bob's Neck Wrap

Its components are certified and tested to UL standards. Therefore, they meet the safety standards set in the US and Canada. Its large size covers more areas and you can adjust it to low, medium, or high-temperature settings. Its maximum heat setting is 170 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you love moist heat therapy, spray the heating pad with water before you power it on. It is covered with a luxurious microplush cover that is soft and comfortable on your skin. Another advantage of the micro plush cover is that it is removable and washable.

However, the manufacturer recommends that children and people with open wounds should not use the heating pad.


• It warms up very quickly.

• It is UL safety tested.

• It automatically shuts off after two hours. This means that it won’t cause burns if you forget to switch it off.


• The heating pad may be smaller for people with huge bodies

• It is part-specific, and therefore, you may not use it for other body parts except the specific one.

• Not to be used by people with decreased temperature sensations.

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Sunbeam Massaging XI Renue

The Sunbeam Massaging XI Renue is made of a luxurious Royalmink fabric that is comfortable to wear for extended therapeutic heating pad 2018

Its large size covers the back, neck, and shoulder for people of most sizes. Its nine feet long power cord lets you use the heating pad from your seat.

The Sunbeam XI Renue heating pad utilizes an adjustable snap closure that gives you the freedom to fasten the heating pad according to your body size.

You can regulate its temperature in two settings that can make you the desired treatment goals. Unlike most heating pads, the Sunbeam is equipped with four different massage settings.


• It is fully washable.

• It shuts off automatically after two hours.

• It comes with a two-year warranty.


• It has an irritating chlorine-like strong smell.

• The heating pad starts to cool down after 10- 15 minutes. Therefore, it might not be useful for people who want a long heat therapy session.

• It’s slightly expensive given that it is part specific.

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Our Top Pick For 2021

The heating pads reviewed above will all help to relieve pain, muscle tension, and muscle stiffness.

Each of the products will work just as advertised. However, we find the UTK Infrared Heat Therapy Mat to be one of the better heating pads on the market.

The product can be used in almost all body parts, it uses infrared radiation that penetrates deep into the affected body muscles, and it has a smart digital control that lets you adjust the temperature and the duration of heat therapy.

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