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The Best Blender For 2020 You Absolutely NEED In Your Kitchen

You’re probably looking for the best blender on the market. We’ll we’re here to make that search a little bit easier.

A blender is probably one of the most versatile and fun to use pieces of kitchen equipment to have. They are staple appliances for health enthusiasts, busy folks, and people that enjoy cooking.

With a blender, the possibilities are quite endless. You can make delicious smoothies for breakfast, protein shakes, pancake batters, salad dressings, the list goes on. With all the makes and models available, sometimes it’s hard to pick out a good blender. Below we have reviewed 5 popular blender models to make your choice easier.


Best Blender In 2020


Blendtec Designer Series 725

This blender has been touted as “the blender with the brain”. The Designer 725 by Blendtec is truly in a league of its own with its SmartBlend Technology and 100-speed touch slider.

Features Include:

-3.8 speed horsepower motor
-a capacitive touch interface
-Preprogrammed Blending for smoothies, salsa, ice cream, juice and soup
-lighted display to show how much blending time remains

With its signature “SmartBlend Technology”, it notifies users when there are potential issues with the blender and provides instructions on how to fix them.

While most blenders offer 5 blending speeds, maybe 10, this one allows you to choose from 100 speeds! This function is operated by a touch slider on the machine.

While this is a great blender it does comes with a pretty hefty price tag. Although, the good news is that it does come with an 8 year warranty.

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Vitamix 7500

The Vitamix brand is a rather popular one amongst health enthusiasts and considered to be a great investment. best blender

The Vitamix 7500 Model comes with a short, stocky container that’s able to hold up to 64 oz. of liquid. This blender is designed for household use.

Features Include:

-2.2 speed horsepower motor
-Pulse Feature: allows you to layer different ingredients ontop of purees inside the blender to create salsas or chunky soups
-10 different speeds
-Accessories include low-profile tamper tool to assist in pressing ingredients into the blender
-Uses stainless steel, laser-cut hammermill blades
-Prevents motor overheating with a cooling fan and thermal protection technology

While this blender lacks a few bells and whistles that come with the BlendTec, the price tag is slighly cheaper with a 7 year warranty. It also comes with a DVD, cookbook and a “Getting Started Guide”.

The Vitamix brand is highly popular amongst consumers for household use. It has received many positive reviews and feedback on online marketplaces, such as Amazon.com.

You can read more about the Vitamix 7500 and buy one here


Ninja Ultima Blender Plus

The Ninja brand strives to provide high quality blenders, such as their Vitamix and BlendTec competitors, at cheaper prices. Ninja® Ultima™ BL830 Blender Plus

Their Ultima line is on the higher end of their product selection.

The Ultima BL830 is touted to have “pro-variable speed” that can gently blend or perform “Total Crushing”. It also claims to extract nutrients and vitamins from produce.

Features Include:

-2.5 speed horsepower motor
-Dual Stage Blending: Has Total Crushing Speeds that blend at 5000 RPM to turn produce, ice, nuts and seeds into a smooth consistency in a matter of seconds
-High-speed cyclonic blades
-72 oz. pitcher

Accessories include 3 Nutri Ninja Cups and an “Inspiration Guide” for recipes, and a 5 year warranty.

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Vitamix 5200

The Vitamix 5200 model comes with a 64 oz. pitcher and is ideal for medium to large batches. Vitamix 5200

It is also longer in length, in comparison to its sister product the Vitamix 7500. Its patented design is claimed to have enough precision and power to pulverize small seeds.

The heat generated from the motor can also warm cold ingredients within 6 minutes.

Features Include:

-2 speed horsepower motor
-10 different speed options
-stainless steel cut blades
-Comes with a tamper tool to assist with mixing the ingredients

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Breville Hemisphere Control Blender

The Breville Hemisphere has features similar to the BlendTec, but has the price tag of the Ninja. Breville BBL605XL

This blender is constructed with central blades for maximum crushing and chopping of even the toughest ingredients, like ice cubes.

This is a 750 watt blender with an LCD timer and pre-programmed blending to create smoothies or pulverize ice cubes without needed help. It self-alters blending speeds to create the perfect consistency.

The front of the blender has illuminated buttons for 5 different speed controls, and a pulse function. The RPM speed stays consistant to ensure the texture of the ingredients after blending.

It can perform food processing functions as well.

The pitcher is made of BPA-free material and can hold up to 48 oz. of liquid. The pitcher is especially designed to minimize food entrapment and for easy clean up.

Features Include:

– Special blade system that allows the mixture to reach the bottom near the blades
-5 different blending speeds
-Extra wide stainless steel blades that can crush ice cubes
-LCD display for speed control settings and pre-programmed blending
-Ring pull on the lid for easy removal

Although it is a higher end product for Breville, it is a bit more basic in comparison to the other blenders mentioned.

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Our Recommendation

While all blenders are certainly higher quality in comparison to other less expensive brands, the BlendTec Designer Series 725 is our pick.

A bit more on the pricier end, this blender provides the most comprehensive performance. The high horsepower speed in conjunction with the capacitive interface makes this blender a true one of a kind.

Not to mention, it is self cleaning. This saves time and effort so you can proceed with your day. This blender could be for household use and commercial.

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