Believe It Or Not, You Can Actually Cough Up Your Lung… This Lady Did


The age old saying of “I coughed up my lung” from coughing to hard can be applied to many things. Coughing from a cold, smoking cigarettes or even medical conditions like asthma. But can you REALLY cough up a part of your lung, or is it just a bunch of BS?

The answer is strangely yes. Now, before you go running off and thinking, this can’t be true….. A woman who had asthma actually coughed out her lung from a severe asthma attach, and it was actually published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2012. Now while it’s not as gruesome as it sounds, her doctors told her she had coughed her lung up.


After having some severe asthma attacks, non-stop coughing and hacking from a two week respiratory infection, chest pain made the woman seek medical help. Doctors had taken an X Ray of her chest and lungs after noticing that her lungs had popping and crackling sounds when she breathed, and had discovered her a piece of her lung had actually “popped out” of place and the piece of her lung was wedged between two of her ribs!


The doctors said the lung had become herniated, which is what caused it to pop and become stuck between the two ribs. Sounds like something out of a crazy kids cartoon, but it’s true!


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