Bees Create Amazing Heart-Shaped Hive When There’s No Frames To Guide Them

When left to its own devices, mother nature does remarkable things. Things beyond our wildest imaginations and the beauty it creates is unmatched and unrivaled.

Take this beehive as an example. This heart-shaped hive photographed and shared by The National Trust shows us how truly remarkable the bees at the Bodiam Castle in Robertsbridge, United Kingdom, are.

Within the structure of their hive, these bees created a heart-shaped honeycomb we don’t typically see. Usually, beekeepers use rectangular frames within the hive and the bees deposit their honey so the keepers can harvest it easily.

This practice allows the beehive to form various shapes and sizes within the space. Unfortunately, heart-shaped honeycomb may look pretty, but it makes a beekeeper’s job incredibly difficult. To free the honey, they must remove the frames below and cut away any extra honeycomb.

While it’s hard to say goodbye to a honeycomb so wonderfully made by worker bees such as these, at least we have a gallery of photos as a reminder of just how remarkable these creatures can be.

photo credit: National Trust

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