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This Interactive LED Beer Pong Table Is Mankind’s Greatest Invention

On the website Instructables, Jeff Nybo’s amazing beer pong table is what dreams are made of. As you know, beer pong is a super popular drinking game where teams gather up against other teams to dominate the competition by throwing balls across a table into cups filled three-fourths of the way with beer.

The first team to clear the cups wins. Beer pong may have started out a simple game, but now enthusiasts have taken it to new creative levels through custom design works like the one you see below.

I a step by step guide, Nybo shows you how to create your own one-of-a-kind interactive beer pong table, and it’s gaining some serious popularity. So much so that it has been featured on multiple sites around the web.

It was even presented on Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet show and was featured in a short segment on CBC. You can buy the table already built or you can order the BPT X5 which is a kit for creating your completely custom beer pong table.

The table is even equipped with a control for a 3×16 LED grid, which can handle multiple RGB color channels and a 16-bit PWM channels. It also connects to wireless.




Cup detection

Screenshot (44)-Optimized

The x5 actually means that you can add more LEDs and other electronic parts if you want to.

That’s just scratching the surface, it’s equipped with a lot more than we are able to list here. If you don’t have the time to build your own table…. you can buy one fully assembled for about $1,995.00.

Automatic air baths built in

Screenshot (45)-Optimized

The ball goes in one side and comes out the other

Screenshot (46)-Optimized

Check it out in action

Pretty cool huh?! You can assemble and customize each table to your liking, or you can have one built for you.

For a complete list of instructions check out the link here: Chexal Technologies (h/t Instructables)

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