This Entire Carpenter Pencil Was Intricately Carved Into A Miniature Train On Rails

Inspired by seeing carved pencils online, Cindy Chin, a sculptor who enters the Annual Miniature show each year decided she wanted to enter something different as opposed to her usual clay sculptures.

In a blog post, she explains how she experimented with different tools at a pencil shop. “I found that the best tools for me were an Exacto blade for removing the bulk and the smallest needle that I could find for the detail,” she writes.


Her first attempt at train carving didn’t go as smoothly as one would hope, but after a few trial and errors, Chin nailed it. Here, Chin explains the daunting task:

For the train carving, which was my first project, I spent a few hours carving a train that I wasn’t happy with… It was too long and misshapen. So I printed my train reference out to size, which was really too small to see any detail but allowed me to find size and placement of key details. The second train took me about 6 hours to carve and the trestle took another 3 or so hours. Which was actually more difficult than the train itself because the wood of the pencil kept splintering. I have since found that the older pencils have harder wood and are easier to carve. Graphite isn’t created equal either, some are softer than others and hold less details.

It took Chin 9 hours to carve this tiny train




The train is 3/16ths of an inch tall by about 1/8th inch at its thickest point


Chin hopes that her work will inspire others just as other graphite carvers have inspired her


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