Someone Put Glasses On A Museum Floor, And People Thought It Was Art

We all know that art is subjective because two people experience aesthetic emotion differently.

Clive Bell once theorized that, “We have no other means of recognizing art than our feeling for it. The objects that provoke aesthetic emotion vary with each individual.”

So, when TJCruda and a few of his friends from San Francisco placed a pair of glasses on the floor of an art museum, they really ignited a spectacle (pun intended). Visitors mistook the randomly placed specs for “art.” The teens came up with the idea after they were left unimpressed by San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art.

Their lack of enthusiasm for the museum, inspired them to play a joke on visitors and document how the public responded to the glasses on the floor. It wasn’t art but it sure as hell was comedic…









I’m sure those people felt embarrassed after the glasses were picked up.

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