Family Lives In The Arctic Circle By Building Their House Inside A Giant Solar Dome

This incredible dome house nestled in Norway at the Arctic Circle is inhabited by quite possibly the coziest little family we know of.

The Hjertefølger family created a sustainable, three-story cob home made of sand that they’ve lived in for three years now. Their home is perfectly perched on Norway’s Sandhornøya island encased in nature with picturesque views.

The 25-foot dome is designed and built by Solardome and is completely self-sufficient. The cozy dome is made of organic supplies including water and clay, and because of its durability, the six-person family is able to withstand harsh weather. The nature dome even comes equipped with its own garden and greenhouse where the family is able to grow their own food and herbs.

The geodesic dome maintains a warm interior perfect for the cold climate but what’s even better are the stellar views and unique environment the family gets to enjoy.

For more information and to keep up-to-date with the Hjertefølger’s you can check out their blog.

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