Apple’s New HomePod Ad Directed By Spike Jonze Is Absolutely Mind-Bending

Is it art? Is it advertising? We’re guessing a great advertisement makes you forget you’re ever watching it and that’s exactly what Spike Jonze did with this fantastic advertisement for Apple HomePods.

Jonze is has a long rap sheet of fantastic works and this 4-minute work of art was no different. Jonze incorporated stunning contemporary backgrounds and tapped English musician and dancer FKA twigs for the leading role.

The Oscar-winning director follows a city girl through the streets of a bustling, urban downtown where she’s beat by the grind but finds solace in her apartment with the help of an Anderson .Paak track called “Til It’s Over.”

Check it out:

What’s even more incredible is that the entire ad was created by practical effects using a large set and hydraulics. So the shapeshifting you see in the video was actually physically happening in front of the camera.

A look behind the scenes of how the ad was created

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