Dad Turns Son’s Doodles Into Cool Anime Characters, And The Results Are Amazing

What’s cooler than having your childhood drawings turned into professional-level concept art by none other than your dad?

Thomas Romain collaborated with his sons and began a drawing series he shares on his Twitter account of all the cool anime characters he’s helped his children create.

The original sketches come from his young sons where each is comprised of markers, stickers, and fuzzy fabric which is then turned into professional quality shaded watercolor illustrations.

Since the idea’s conception, the three have managed to create three more one-of-a-kind characters which are a Steampunk Doctor, Cyborg, and Magic Knight, all while staying true to the children’s original intent such as concept, color scheme, and content.

Check out the side by side images on Romain’s Twitter account where he credits his older and younger son as the designer.


Steampunk doctor


Magic Knight

Cloud Dwellers

Tulip Brothers

Snake Monster

Sand Golem

Cosmic Robot

You’ll also find more of Romain’s artwork on his Twitter. Be sure to give this post a thumbs up and a share with your friends on Facebook before you go.

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