If We Drew Modern Animals The Way We Draw Dinosaurs, Based On Bones Alone

When we see illustrations of dinosaurs done by Paleoartists in books the skeletal reconstructions are what many artists depend on when trying to draw dinosaurs.

But what happens when you try to apply that to modern-day animals?

Artist C.M. Kosemen, in his book All Yesterdays: Unique and Speculative Views of Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals, illustrated present-day animals based solely on their skeletons.

In an interview with Atlas Obscura, Kosemen said, “We were both dinosaur geeks, but the more we looked at these skeletons, and the more we looked at the pictures, we noticed that most mainstream dinosaur art didn’t look at dinosaurs as real creatures,”.

“For example, there could be plant-eating dinosaurs that had pangolin or armadillo-like armor that wasn’t preserved in the fossil. There could also be dinosaurs with porcupine-type quills.”

Check out a few of his drawings below!




Elephant, Zebra, and Rhino

You can check out more of C. M. Kosemen’s amazing work on his website and you can also buy his book over on Amazon! Also, if you thought that was cool make sure to check out these amazing surgical illustrations from the 15th century.

Illustrations Credit: C. M. Kosemen

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