Archaeologists Unearth 2,000-Year-Old Skeleton Mosaic In Turkey With Cheerful Message

Turkish archaeologists made a surprising find when they dug up the remains of a house. In the house, they discovered an ancient mosaic dating back to the 3rd century. The vibrant mosaic depicts a skeleton enjoying a large loaf of bread paired with a pitcher of wine.

The discovery was made in Turkey’s southernmost state, Hatay Province, when construction for a cable car system was taking place. The motto “Be cheerful and live your life” is written on both sides of his head. It is believed to have served as an elaborate centerpiece of a mosaic floor located in the dining room of an immaculate villa.

However, some experts believe the message isn’t actually as cheerful as it seems. According to the history blog, writer İlber Ortaylı disputes the eat, drink and be merry interpretation. He reads it as “You get the pleasure of the food you eat hastily with death” and thinks the structure was not a private home of a wealthy person, but a sort of soup kitchen trying to hustle people out the door as quickly as possible.



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h/t: Colossal

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