This Crazy Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion Will Tear Your Brain In Two

Kokichi Sugihara placed 2nd in the Best Illusion of the Year Contest for presenting the Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion.

Sugihara sets down the pieces in front of a mirror but what is reflected isn’t what he’s holding in his hands. One Redditor explains the illusion:

“The tops of the pieces are not flat, but angled, so that different shapes are seen from different downward viewing angles.

From our position as viewer (camera), we see the actual tops of the pieces at a steeper angle than we see the reflected tops.

Stop the video at 0:15 to see the tops at 90o , and you can see the angles of the tops. This is a really cool illusion, but it only works if the camera and mirror angles are aligned just right.”

Reverse engineered 3D-printed version of the cylinders as well as an explanation of how they work

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