Sand Wizard Has Developed One Of The Coolest Ways To Unveil His Artwork

You know what people say, ‘it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey,’ and this phrase rings true for art as well. Tim Bengel is the sand artist behind these impressive images however, people can’t decipher what’s more amazing: the process or the final results.

The German artists’ magnificent technique requires using sand to draw complex designs on a canvas with a sticky surface. A very slow drying adhesive gets the sand to stick. Some drawings take Bengel weeks to design as he meticulously places grains of black and gold sand onto the sticky canvas while filling the blank spaces with white sand.

While it may look like Bengel is making a mess on each canvas, his art transforms as soon as he lifts it up and the sand cascades off. Buried beneath it is an immaculate piece of detailed artwork giving it that “wow-effect.”

A video posted by Tim Bengel (@timbengel) on

Frauenkirche München


Schlossplatz Stuttgart




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