This Is What Happens When You Re-Upload A YouTube Video 1,000 Times

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you uploaded a YouTube video, downloaded it, and then uploaded it again?

Someone thought of it so you don’t have to and the results were trippy. He did this 1,000 times to the point where the video seems as though it came from an entirely different dimension.

The reason this occurs is due to video servers that re-code the videos before they are uploaded. By doing this, the image is compressed taking details out of the image and audio. This in turn produces artifacts.

Once you do this, the details and artifacts are noticeable and that’s how compression works only our brains ignore that minuscule detail and the video doesn’t look as bad. The reason videos are compressed is to transmit them easier throughout the Internet. It sounds like complete madness by the time the video reaches the 200-500th upload.

It’s a homage to Alvin Lucier’s I’m Sitting in a Room art project, in which Lucier recorded his voice in a room, then played it back and recorded it again, repeating the process until the echo effect in the round distorted it completely.

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