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These Cool Alien Abduction Lamps Will Light Up Your Bedroom While Stealing Animals

If you’ve actually been abducted by aliens like I have than you know the experience is rather… uncomfortable…. Anyways, like with most people this alien abduction lamp is probably the closest you’ll ever come to witnessing it.

MeaganAmessCreations is a shop on Etsy that handcrafts some of the coolest alien abduction lamps we’ve ever seen.

The lamp is unique and extremely detailed thanks to Meagan’s stellar craftsmanship.

If you’re going from the Stranger Things themed living room, this would be a match made in Sci-Fi heaven.

The alien abduction lamps are about 8 inches wide, and 10 inches tall. The custom pieces are of similar dimensions but can vary.

Each custom piece is signed and numbered, and the cool thing is that they are touch lamps, so no messy cords will get in the way of aesthetics.

“I’m using the funds to put myself through tech school. It’s taken me a long time to find out what I am passionate about, and at 28, I finally found my calling as a nail technician,” says Meagan.

“It grants me the ability to be creative at work, to provide for my self by doing something that truly makes me happy, and it makes the ladies feel awesome about themselves as well. It’s extremely rewarding for me.”

Each lamp is hand-crafted

She also can do custom lamps

Check them out


The cow version of the lamp is $65, and typically ships within 2-3 weeks from Florida. However, she does offer local pickup!

If you’re interested in purchasing one you can get in touch with her over on Etsy!

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